Confusion might result from the constantly evolving Australian visa situation. But you can understand some of them since we’re here to explain them all. The most recent information on Australian visa categories and any changes that may impact you can be found here.

Newest Visa Policies For Students

In its newly published Advancing Productivity report, the Productivity Commission recommends improvements in many policy sectors, including education, immigration, occupational licensing, and workplace relations. The following are some major issues affecting international students:

Modifications to immigration law

In its report, the Productivity Commission provides various suggestions for improving Australia’s immigration laws. For instance, it advises shifting the foundation for employer-sponsored migration away from occupation-based lists and toward pay requirements. It also advises broadening the recognition of foreign licenses and changing the parameters for temporary skilled migration visas to extend their validity to six years.

    Proficiency in English Language

    The paper emphasizes how crucial English language competence is for immigrants to Australia. It suggests requiring higher education providers to confirm and certify the students’ English language proficiency and assuming proficiency for immigrants from English-speaking nations or those who have completed approved English instruction in their native country.

    Skilled Migration

    According to the paper, skilled immigration should precede family reunion migration, which implies that you may have a greater chance of receiving a visa to remain in Australia after graduation if you have talents in a highly sought-after field.

    Work Restrictions On Student Visas Were Reinstated On July 1

    The federal government has eased limits on student visa workers’ ability to work more than 40 hours per fortnight to alleviate Australia’s present labour shortages. From July 1, 2023, these limitations will be reinstated and limited at an enhanced rate of 48 hours each fortnight.

    Employers must ensure that all personnel, such as managers, supervisors, or rosterers, are informed of the modifications for people with student visas. 

    The student visa holders already employed in the age care industry as of May 9, 2023, may do so for an unlimited amount of time through December 31, 2023.

    The amount of hours that overseas students can work is flexible, but they still have to:

    • continue to enroll in their courses.

    • guarantee adequate class participation; and

    • guarantee adequate academic advancement.

    Holders of student visas who discontinue attending classes, terminate their enrollment, or do not make adequate academic progress may violate their visa terms.

    Program for Permanent Migration 2023–24

    The 2023–24 permanent Migration Program’s planned level has been set at 190,000 locations, the Australian government said last month. The program has been created to address ongoing and upcoming talent shortages and draw individuals with specialized skill sets that are challenging to locate or cultivate in Australia.

    The net overseas migration (NOM), expected to reach 315,000 in 2023–2024, has several components, including the permanent migration program.

    Skill stream (137,100 places): This stream, which makes up around 72 per cent of the program, is intended to address skill shortages in the labour market, particularly in regional Australia. The program’s 30,375 spots for skilled independent visas are equivalent to the 32,100 places granted for the 2022–23 program, 30,400 spots for state/territory Nominated and 32,300 spots for Regional visas. 36,825 spots have been allocated to employer category.

    Family stream (52,500 places): This stream mostly consists of partner visas that let Australians reunite with their international relatives and provide them access to citizenship. In this stream, 3,000 child visas are projected for 2023–2024 for planning purposes; 40,500 partner visas are projected for 2023–2024

    Special Eligibility Stream: This stream, which has 400 openings, deals with visas for people in unique situations, such as Australian permanent residents coming home after a trip abroad.

    Global Talent Visa Category: Besides those mentioned above, 5,000 spots have been set aside for the Global Talent Visa (GTV) Program under the 2023–24 permanent migration program.

    BIIP Category: For the 2023–24 permanent migration program, the Australian government has decreased the planned level for the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP) from 5,000 visas in 2022–23 to 1,900 visas.

    The advice will help candidates increase their probability of being approved for a student visa and the GST.

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