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Business Innovation & Investment (Provisional) (subclass 188) Visa

Business innovation & investment visa, also known as the Business Visa Australia, is designed for individuals seeking to migrate to Australia and who have a successful business or investment history. The subclass 188 is a provisional visa that offers a pathway to permanent residence (Subclass 888) once all conditions of the provisional visa are met within the specified time frame, as per legislation. These conditions include owning and operating a business in Australia or maintaining investment activities based on the relevant visa stream.

The Subclass 188 visa is available in four different streams, each catering to specific business and investment needs:

Business Innovation stream (188A):

People who wish to operate a business in Australia can apply for this visa.

Investor stream (188B):

This visa requires applicants to invest a minimum of 2.5 million dollars in Australia. The applicant must invest in Australian bonds for four years and meet other requirements.

Significant investor stream (188C):

This visa requires at least 5 million in Australian investment in a structured manner as required by legislation. The applicant must make the required investment for 4 years in a structured manner as outlined in legislation to qualify for a permanent visa.

Premium investor stream (188D):

This visa required at least 15 million investments in Australian investments and/or philanthropic as required by legislation. The applicant must make the required Australian investment for 4 years and 3 months (visa duration).

These Business Visas Australia provide opportunities for skilled entrepreneurs and investors to contribute to the Australian economy while enjoying the benefits of living and working in the country.

FAQs –

Is there a point test or minimum age criteria for a business visa?

All streams other than Significant investor (SC 188C) and Premium investor (SC 188D) require point test and age criteria to be met.

Which stream has the lowest investment requirements among all available business visa streams?

Business visa streams (SC 188A) usually have the lowest fund requirements.