Visa Cancellation and appeals

Visa Cancellation and appeals

Similarly to visa refusal, visa cancellations can be reviewed by AAT by undertaking fresh look at relevant facts, law and policy and arrive at their own decision. Applicant whose visa is cancelled by department are eligible in majority of cases to approach AAT for review of their cancellation decision. 

Possible visa cancellation reason: 

  • Character reasons (Criminal record)
  • Visa conditions breached
  • Incorrect or false information provided at the time of application
  • Attendance or academic performance issues (Student visa)
  • Breakdown of relationship (Partner visa)
  • Withdrawal of sponsorship (Employer visa)

Procedure in Visa cancellation Appeal: 

    • Review whether application is eligible for review.
    • Lodge an appeal with AAT within specified time.
    • Prepare and submit legal submission with help of existing and additional evidence
    • Attend hearing if required 

My visa has been refused. What are my options?

You can apply for AAT review within the stipulated time period. AAT is an independent tribunal who will review your case from a fresh perspective.

Can Indeedvisa help with my appeal at AAT?

The Indeedvisa team can help research your case and compare it with similar cases from the past to give you an idea of your chances at AAT.

Can I provide additional evidence for my AAT appeal?

Yes, you can provide additional evidence for your AAT appeal.

Is there a time limit for visa refusal appeals at AAT?

Normal timeline is 28 days from date of decision, but it can vary sometime based on decisions.