Education Consultant

Education Consultant

When you are looking to build your future, it is crucial to go through all the available options. We at Indeedvisa provide customised learning plans based on your personal situation and preference.

Indeedvisa can help you with:

  • One on one counselling with an Education Consultant and Registered Migration Agent.
  • Getting admission in a University or College in Australia.
  • Choosing your course
  • Choosing which scholarship to apply for
  • Awareness about various job opportunities for a particular course
  • Helping you change your course if you are already in Australia 
  • Extending your visa for further studies after completing an existing course in Australia
  • Extending your visa to complete your course after receiving a backlog

How can Indeedvisa support as an Education Consultant?

The Indeedvisa team takes great interest in finding appropriate courses for your profile. We can help you in all stages such as  helping you find a course, changing your course or applying for college and obtaining COE. RMS at Indeedvisa can also help with student visas or any other migration related queries you may have.

Do I need a new visa if I change my course?

You only need a new visa if you are going to study a lower AQF level or a non-AQF course. If you are changing within the same AQF level, then usually, you don’t need to apply for a new visa as long as the validity of the visa is until completion of course.

I am not from Perth. Can Indeedvisa help me?

The Indeedvisa team has helped many interstate or international applicants. In today’s era of digital technology, it allows us to serve you no matter where you are. It is more convenient to get the required information from the comfort of your home, with guaranteed peace of mind, thanks to our Registered Migration Agents.

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