Everything you should know before applying for an Australian Student visa

Advantages of an Australian Student Visa

With an Australian study visa, you are granted a lot of benefits. Some of them are listed below. 

  • You get access to quality education
  • Your family members can accompany you 
  • You are allowed to work while you study to cover your living expenses

Eligibility Requirements 

Full-Time Course

An applicant for the Study Visa should have a confirmation of enrolment from an Australian institution.

You should be enrolled in a full-time study course.

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

To get an Australian study permit, you will need to convince that you intend to travel to Australia only for studies, thus making you a Genuine Temporary Entrant

You have to provide enough information to explain that you will return back to your home country after the tenure of your course. 

Good health 

You should be in good health to get a study permit. You can prove the same by providing a certificate issued by paneled


You also need to apply for an Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC) or health insurance that covers the duration of your course. 

Good Character

You will be required to submit a declaration stating that there are no criminal cases against you and/or you have never been deported from Australia before. 

5 Advantages of holding a Permanent Residency in Australia

If you are currently looking to move to Australia, or are in Australia on a temporary visa, you might be wondering about the PR pathways and benefits in Australia. For you to make an informed decision about applying for a PR, here are the advantages of holding a Permanent Residency in Australia. 

Live and travel anywhere within Australia 

As a PR holder, you are free to live and travel anywhere in Australia. 

High standard of living

You can improve your standard of living in Australia as there are higher wages, a better work-life balance and constant economic growth. You can pursue your higher education in Australia as well. 

Social Benefits

You can sponsor your family members to move to Australia after a year of holding a PR. 

Similarly, you will be eligible for social security benefits after 2 years of holding a PR. You can also enrol yourself in the national healthcare scheme, Medicare. 

Great Credit Score

As a PR holder, you can reap more benefits and apply for various loans to enhance your lifestyle. Your credit score increases by a significant amount and you can apply for personal loans, housing loans, vehicle loans, education loans etc. 

Buying your first home 

You will be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) which means you will have to pay no surcharge for buying a property. You may even be granted incentives that will lead you to more savings. 

Now that you know how an Australian PR can improve your life, you need a customized solution for your profile. 

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