Are you looking for the best university to study in Australia and need help with where to start? Indeedvisa is here to help you meet your visa application requirements so you can make an informed decision before you apply for an Australia student visa. Australia is known for its excellent education system, and if you want to pursue academic studies abroad, an Australian student visa can be an excellent choice for international students. They can study at their preferred university in the field of their choice, as well as work part-time. 

Indeedvisa knows how important it is to get everything right when applying for a student visa for Australia in 2023. To help you make the process as straightforward as possible; we’ve put together this blog post covering everything you need about student visas for Australia in 2023. 

What is the Australian student visa update for 2023? 

To maintain your legal status, you must keep up with the latest Australian student visa regulations. How the new changes will affect your stay is outlined below: 

Full-time work rights till June 2023 for Student visa subclass 500 

If you’re a current student or someone who wishes to apply for an Australia Student visa, you can still work without restrictions until June 30, 2023. 

Remember that you’re on a study visa, so your work hours do not interfere with your academic obligations—balance work and study so that you can stay enrolled in your courses and make satisfactory progress. 

Stay extension and removal of skill assessment requirement for temporary graduate visa subclass 485  

It is also known as the post-study work visa, and several categories are listed under this visa stream. A recent announcement concerned specific degrees relevant to the Australian labour market. This change will enable bachelor’s degree holders to stay in Australia for four years, master’s graduates for five years, and PhD. holders for six years. The current limit for International undergraduate students to stay in Australia is up to three years; master’s graduates are allowed to stay for three years, and Students pursuing a doctorate up to four years. With the extension of time, international students have an excellent chance to live and work in Australia.  

Additionally, applicants for the Graduate Work stream visa who submitted their documents between July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023, will not be required to obtain a skill assessment or nominate an occupation from the skilled occupation list. 

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How to Apply for Your Student Visa 500? 

Arranging a student visa is an important step to take, especially if you plan to study in Australia. A student visa Subclass 500 could help you prepare for a post-study work visa 485.  

For assistance in applying for a course, Indeedvisa can help. We provide support and guidance throughout the application process so you can get your student visa as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

What are the necessary documents required for a student visa 500 in Australia? 

The following documents are required for the student visa application for Australia: 

  • A complete application form through Immi Account 
  • Your passport bio page and stamped pages colour copies 
  • The letter of acceptance from the university you applied to (COE) 
  • Evidence that you can afford your studies, which one year of tuition fees, living costs (21,041 AUD for the main applicant, for partners coming with you – AUD 7,362, for a child coming with you – AUD 3,152), Tuition fees of the child if school going age and travel cost) 
  • Australian-accepted health insurance that covers your and family (If applicable) stay in the country. 
  • English proficiency test results 
  • Criminal record verification results 
  • The proof that you paid the visa processing fee 

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New visas with a pathway to permanent residency 

As part of the Australian Government’s stimulus program, changes have been made to the immigration program to foster regional economic growth. 

  • Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) – The Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491) is for people living and working in regional Australia on the recommendation of local governments or sponsored by family members. 
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (subclass 494) – The Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (subclass 494) is for individuals who an employer in regional Australia sponsors. 
  • Permanent Residence visa (subclass 191) – The Permanent Residence visa (subclass 191) will be eligible for permanent residence from November 2022. To be eligible, visa holders must have lived and worked in regional Australia while holding one of the new skilled regional provisional visas. 

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The new rules for Australia Student Visas 2022 are good news for all international students pursuing or wishing to pursue higher education in 2023. Australia has set aside a new budget of AUS$ 36 million to improve international student visa procedures. With the 2023 migration update on the horizon, the country expects to increase study-abroad applications significantly. So if you’re considering studying in Australia, now is the time to start planning your visa application. We at Indeedvisa can help you navigate the application process and ensure everything goes smoothly. Our registered immigrant agent will keep you up-to-date on Student visa 500 developments so that you can make informed decisions about your application. 

For more information, please contact Indeedvisa, our Immigrant agent will be happy to assist you with your visa application process.