Missing her husband for years and living away from him with her child had become a nightmare for
Dawa. She reached out to us at a point when her subsequent entrant visa was rejected twice.
Though she had all the documents, funds, and relevant evidence that she will return to Bhutan after
the completion of her husband’s studies, her visa was rejected twice due to insufficient information.

After assessing her documents, previous applications, and evidence we assured her that she has a
good application, and we will make sure that we will submit an approval-ready application for her.
After collecting as many documents as we could, we created a strong submission covering all the
relevant clauses related to the case and making sure all the concerns mentioned in the previous
rejections by the assessing office are adhered to in detail. We also added additional evidence and a
summary of all the evidence.

And the result was surprising, we got the visa within 1 month of application. Even though there were
two rejections. After two years of waiting, Dawa and her son could finally see her father. The smiles
on their faces after getting the visa expressed utmost joy and delight. We are honored to be a part of
such a beautiful journey of helping Dawa and her son get united with their family.