Embarking on the journey to obtain a Partner Visa in Australia is a significant step, and one crucial component of your application is the Relationship Statement. This document serves as a narrative that outlines the history and depth of your relationship. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of writing an impactful Relationship Statement, focusing on key aspects such as the history of your relationship, financial aspects, nature of the household, social aspects, and the nature of commitment.

1. Understanding the Importance of the Relationship Statement:

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to recognize the pivotal role the Relationship Statement plays in your Partner Visa application. This document provides the immigration authorities with a personal and detailed account of your relationship, offering insights into its genuineness and longevity.

2. Crafting the History of Your Relationship:

The foundation of your Relationship Statement lies in narrating the story of your relationship. Include:

Timeline: Provide a chronological overview of how your relationship evolved, including significant milestones.

Shared Experiences: Highlight key moments that strengthened your bond, such as travels, family events, and life changes.

3. Four Key Aspects of Relationships:

A. Financial Aspect:

Joint Finances: Discuss any joint financial responsibilities or accounts.

Contributions: Outline each partner’s financial contributions to the relationship.

Provide evidence such as Joint bank statements, Joint assets, liabilities etc.

B. Nature of Household:

Living Arrangements: Detail your living situation and any shared responsibilities.

Domestic Roles: Describe how household responsibilities are divided.

Provide evidence of cohabitation which can include lease documents, utility bills, correspondence, letter from real estate agency etc.

C. Social Aspect:

Social Integration: Discuss your involvement in each other’s social circles.

Mutual Connections: Highlight shared friendships and relationships with family members.

You can share photos with friends and family, Statements from people who knows about your relationship, any social events, joint memberships etc.

D. Nature of Commitment:

Future Plans: Articulate your shared aspirations and future plans.

Overcoming Challenges: Briefly mention how you navigate challenges together, showcasing resilience.

You can share evidence such as superannuation nomination of each other, disclosure of your relationship to any Government authorities, Children Birth certificates, Chat history etc

4. Style and Tone:

Maintain a sincere and personal tone throughout your Relationship Statement. Avoid overly formal language and focus on expressing the unique aspects of your relationship.

5. Proof and Documentation:

Where possible, supplement your statements with relevant documentation, such as joint bank statements, lease agreements, and photos of shared experiences. This helps substantiate the authenticity of your claims.


Writing a compelling Relationship Statement is a vital step towards a successful Partner Visa application. By meticulously addressing the history of your relationship and the four key aspects of financial, household, social, and commitment dynamics, you not only meet the immigration requirements but also paint a vivid picture of the genuineness and depth of your relationship. Remember, honesty, transparency, and attention to detail are your allies in this process. Good luck on your journey to building a life together in Australia!

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