The Australian government’s Onshore Humanitarian Program plays a crucial role in providing protection to individuals seeking asylum within the country’s borders. The program offers Permanent Protection Visas to eligible applicants, allowing them to rebuild their lives in a safe and secure environment. The following data sheds light on the performance and outcomes of the Permanent Protection Visa Program for the 2022–23 fiscal year.


In the 2022–23 fiscal year, the Department of Home Affairs received a total of 18,738 applications for Permanent Protection Visas, marking a significant increase from the 10,564 applications lodged in the previous year (2021–22).

Top Citizenship Lodgements:

The top 10 countries of citizenship for Protection visa lodgements in 2022–23 were:

  • India (2,333 lodgements)
  • China (Exc. SAR) (1,598 lodgements)
  • Vietnam (1,123 lodgements)
  • Indonesia (1,069 lodgements)
  • Malaysia (1,038 lodgements)
  • Tonga (795 lodgements)
  • Thailand (721 lodgements)
  • Pakistan (689 lodgements)
  • Ukraine (617 lodgements)
  • Myanmar (614 lodgements)

Visa Grants:

In the 2022–23 fiscal year, the Australian government granted 2,000 Protection Visas to non-UMA applicants, an increase from the 1,762 visas granted in the previous year.

Top Citizenship Visa Grants and Grant Rates:

The top 10 countries of citizenship for Protection Visa grants in 2022–23, along with their respective grant rates, were:

  • Myanmar (427 grants, 91.4% grant rate)
  • China (Exc. SAR) (255 grants, 8.4% grant rate)
  • Pakistan (171 grants, 60.2% grant rate)
  • Papua New Guinea (94 grants, 63.1% grant rate)
  • Iran (89 grants, 92.7% grant rate)
  • Afghanistan (83 grants, 94.3% grant rate)
  • Iraq (80 grants, 82.5% grant rate)
  • Ethiopia (78 grants, 83.9% grant rate)
  • Venezuela (51 grants, 98.1% grant rate)
  • Malaysia (46 grants, 1.9% grant rate)

The overall grant rate for Protection Visas in 2022–23 was 13.6%.


The data highlights the increasing demand for protection within Australia’s borders, as evidenced by the surge in lodgements for Permanent Protection Visas. While the number of visa grants has increased, the grant rates vary significantly across different countries of citizenship, reflecting the complexities involved in assessing protection claims. The Australian government’s commitment to upholding its humanitarian obligations remains crucial in providing a safe haven for those fleeing persecution and seeking refuge.

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