Guide for preparing for Partner Visa Australia in 2024

The Australian partner/spouse visa application process takes time and effort, including the collection of documentation and qualifying requirements. The application procedure and funding needs are covered in this blog.

What are the Temporary and Permanent Partner Visas for Australia?

They are also known as Australian Partner Visas and allow finances or those in committed relationships to immigrate to Australia with their spouses or de facto partners. The primary applicant must have an Australian nationality, be a legal resident of Australia, or be a citizen of New Zealand.

Eligibility – Australian Spouse Visa:

  • A real and lasting relationship.
  • Living together permanently.
  • Twelve-month longevity of the relationship under De facto stream or are legally married.
  • Fulfil the character and health requirements.

How Does the Australian Partner Visa Work?

Your partner must be either an eligible citizen of New Zealand, an citizen of Australia, or a permanent resident of Australia in order to sponsor you. In some circumstances, such as if they recently sponsored another partner during the past five years, your spouse will not be allowed to sponsor you unless waiver is approved.

Applicant and sponsor can be in de facto or married relationship when applying for Partner visa. There are different rules and procedures for different categories of Australian Partner Visa. The after-visa application process purely depends upon your and your partner’s relationship and your eligibility for the subsequent type of Australian Partner Visa.

The Australian partner visa has two stages, depending on the stay period:

  • Temporary Partner Visa, first phase (Subclass 309 (Offshore) or Subclass 820 (Onshore)
  • Permanent visa in the second phase (Subclass 100 or Subclass 801)

Once your temporary visa has been approved, your application for a permanent visa will be reviewed. You are applying for both the temporary and long-term Australian Partner Visas together at first step and pay for fees as well. 

Types Of Australian Partner Visa

You can apply for several different streams of Australian partner visas.

If you’re interested in sponsoring your partner for an Australian visa, you should be aware of the three main available options:

There are presently 4 categories of Australian partner visas available:

  1. Provisional Partner Visa (Subclass 309) 

Type of Visa: Temporary Visa 

Using the Subclass 100 visa may be possible to achieve a Permanent Residency.

It is for whom? You and your Sponsor are married or living together as a de facto couple. You are applying for a visa from a country other than Australia. Your Australian Sponsor must be a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

  • Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 100) 

Type of Visa: Permanent Visa 

You may apply for this visa at least two years after receiving your temporary Subclass 309 visa. 

It is for whom? You have a temporary visa, subclass 309. You’re continuing to work closely with your Australian Sponsor. You and your better half have lived in Australia for two years or more.

  • Temporary Partner Visa (Subclass 820) 

Type of Visa: Temporary Visa

You can convert a temporary visa through Subclass 801 to become a Permanent Resident.

It is for whom? Those who are married or in a de facto relationship with their partner. You must be in ongoing and genuine relationship during the visa application process.

  • Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801) 

Type of Visa: Permanent Visa 

You may apply for this visa at least two years after receiving your temporary Subclass 820 visa. 

It is for whom? You have a temporary visa, subclass 820. You’re in a ongoing and genuine relationship with your Australian Sponsor.

  • Fiancé or Prospective Spouse Visa (Subclass 300)

Type of Visa: Temporary Visa 

Your visa entitles you to a nine-month presence in Australia. In Australia, you can marry your spouse. A temporary partner visa, subclass 820 visa, is then the further option. 

It is for whom? If you are engaged as a eligible citizen of New Zealand, Citizen of Australia, or an Australian permanent resident. Within nine months of arriving in Australia, you must get married to your partner.

Note: Choosing the proper visa type is crucial because it has a direct impact on whether your application will be approved or rejected. Before you start the visa application procedure, make sure to take into account every facet of your profile and that of your spouse. Fees: Partner visa Fees is 8850 AUD

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