The MARA Code of Conduct is applicable to all MARA Registered Migration Agents. The MARA code aims to define a set of requirements for knowledge and standards that must be followed.

Make sure you are conversing with the MARA Registered Agent and not a salesperson because only an individual can be MARA registered—not a company.

You will only be required to pay for the work that is actually done because registered migration agents are required by MARA compliance to retain their client’s funds in a separate account until the job is finished. Agents who are not registered are not required to do this, which can result in illegal action. 

Sadly, I hear about people hiring unregistered advisors and losing thousands of pounds on a weekly basis. You must obtain the assistance of someone you can trust, such as a MARA-licensed Migration Agent, given the prevalence of scammers in the marketplace.

Sometimes, it is crucial to confirm that the migration agency you choose is registered with the MARA office before enlisting their assistance in your visa application.

In Australia, giving immigration advice is illegal unless MARA has registered you to do so. Whether your agent is listed with MARA, you can confirm it by doing the following:

  • Look for their seven-digit registration number.
  • Click on “search for an agent” on the MARA website (
  • Please enter the information about your agent, including their particular Migration Agent Registration Number.

Abiding By The Law, a MARA Agent should:

  • Abide by the instructions given in the Code of Conduct.
  • Regarding your chances of obtaining a visa, be realistic.
  • Give you a written contract outlining the services and prices before beginning any work or collecting payment from the client. You should receive a breakdown of the associated costs as well as the agent’s professional fee in this agreement.
  • Keep you updated on the status of your student visa application and provide you with a written notification when it has been approved or denied.
  • Offer to provide you with an invoice for the service they have performed.

Keep in mind that the MARA office cannot help you with your issue if you receive counseling from someone who is not a registered migration agent.

Any migration agencies outside of Australia are not subject to close regulation by the Department of Home Affairs or the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA). Keeping regulations a secret makes it possible for the agent overseas to act illegally and get away with it.

In the past, Australian immigration agents operating overseas have been accused of fabricating client profiles, committing fraud, and preying on clients’ willingness and resolve to immigrate to Australia. The Australian government or any regulatory agency cannot take any action when this occurs.

Hiring a MARA agent has a variety of advantages:

  1. They are familiar with Australia’s immigration policies and laws.
  2. They can offer immigration advice and a convenient instantaneous fix.
  3. They will file a well-organized plea with all necessary documentation, which will speed up and simplify the process of receiving a decision on your visa.
  4. They are required to follow a Code of Conduct and provide specific advice.
  5. Until the job is finished, they must keep your deposit in a separate account.
  6. They must promptly inform you of the status of your visa application.

If you are not satisfied with a migration agent’s service, you can complain to MARA without any hesitation.

Risks Of Employing An Unqualified Individual

If you receive immigration assistance from a person who is not a registered migration agent or representative, they could:

  • Not familiar with immigration law
  • Give you poor guidance
  • Make falsified commitments
  • Utilize your circumstances to your advantage.
  • Not handle your money properly (some business owners have taken huge sums of money from their customers).
  • Improperly maintaining files
  • May misplace your critical paperwork, including the originals
  • Not inform you of the Department’s decision to grant or reject your visa application.

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