Australian businesses seeking skilled talent will benefit from a new pilot program, the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES). Launching in 2024, MATES aims to streamline the migration process for qualified young professionals from India.

Addressing Australia’s Skills Gap

Australia is currently experiencing a significant skills shortage across various sectors, including technology, research, engineering, aged care, and construction. MATES represents a strategic initiative to bridge this gap by attracting highly skilled Indian graduates and early-career professionals.

Streamlined Migration for Indian Professionals

The MATES program offers a temporary work visa pathway for Indian citizens aged 30 or younger who possess qualifications in fields critical to the Australian economy. These fields include:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Mining
  • Engineering
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Technology
  • Agricultural Technology

To be eligible, applicants must be proficient in English and have graduated from a recognized Indian university within the past two years.

Program Benefits and Opportunities

The pilot program will grant visas to 3,000 successful applicants, allowing them to live and work in Australia for up to two years. Participants can also apply for their spouse and children to join them. Additionally, there’s potential to extend their stay by applying for temporary or permanent residency programs (subject to specific criteria).

While there’s no mandatory requirement to work directly in their field of study, MATES is designed to empower young professionals to expand their skillsets and professional networks, particularly within the aforementioned sectors experiencing high demand.

Employer Advantages: Sponsorship Not Required

A key advantage of MATES for Australian businesses is the elimination of the employer sponsorship requirement. This simplifies the hiring process for companies seeking qualified talent from India.

Strengthening Australia-India Ties

The MATES program reflects the growing economic and cultural ties between Australia and India. The Indian community in Australia is the nation’s fastest-growing migrant group, with a population exceeding 784,000. Initiatives like MATES and the recent establishment of the Centre for Australia-India Relations further solidify this strategic partnership.

Conclusion: Accessing a Global Talent Pool

The MATES program presents a valuable opportunity for both Australian businesses and young Indian professionals. Businesses gain access to a wider talent pool, while Indian graduates can acquire valuable international work experience. Partnering with the registered immigration agent Perth can ensure a smooth application process and increase your chances of success under the MATES program.

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