Once again, Australia’s state and territory skilled migration programs are beginning to accept applications. Western Australia is one of the first states to open a state migration program this year. Western Australian residents who meet the requirements can now apply for the 2023–24 Skilled Migration State Nomination Program. Invitation rounds are expected to begin this month (August 2023). 

That’s not all, though. Significant improvements have been made to the WA skilled migration program, many of which are intended to make the application process less cumbersome and simple. The WA Government claims that the modifications expand with to “the present loosening of regulations, making it simpler for qualified migrants to engage with WA jobs.”

You must have an invitation or nomination by an Australian State or Territory via the State Nominated Migration Program to get any skilled migration visa.

NEW highlights or Updates of the WA State Migration Program

Some of the new updates of this skilled WA State Migration Program are as follows. You can have a look at the below points for further information.

There is NO Application Fee

Some trusted sources have stated that the government’s decision last year to waive the A$200 application fee has also continued this year. There is no application fee that the person has to pay to apply for the visa.

Equal Invitation Ranking for Interstate and International Applicants after WA residents:

This year, the order of applications has been modified. Invitations will be prioritised for applicants who work in professions with a pressing need for qualified employees in Western Australia. Some examples (not in a specified order) are:

  • building and construction;
  • healthcare and social assistance;
  • hospitality and tourism;
  • education and training.

The method used to rate applicants is additionally evolving. This year, applicants from WA will be given first priority and then interstate and outside will be ranked equally. For both the General and Graduate programs, candidates from WA will still be given preference over those from other states and countries. 

First Preference To Those Candidates Who Matches The WA Industry Skill Requirements

Priority for invites will be given to the aspirants with a career that is considered more demanding and involves a particular skill basically for the WA Industry Sector.

Simplified Employment Requirements for WA Construction Sector Nominees

Applicants invited through a WA building and construction industry sector occupation (as listed on the WA State nomination Occupation listings) have lowered employment criteria.

The government did not provide a clear clarification for their decision. Still, given the high demand for many of the industry’s vocations, it is likely to encourage more individuals to apply for skilled migration in this field.

Requirements Specific to a Stream

Your occupation must meet the specified stream requirements to be eligible for an invitation for state nomination. There are two streams:

  1. General Stream: A pathway for various professions and industrial groups corresponding to an Australian Certificate IV and higher.
  2. Graduate Stream: A route for qualified WA graduate students obtaining education credentials, such as a bachelor’s degree or higher, or vocational education and training (VET).

You could qualify under the particular stream if your profession is on the Western Australia Skilled Migration Occupation List and satisfies the requirements taken into account.

Criteria for the Graduate Stream

  1. Possess a certificate III level or higher from a WA educational institution that is accredited
  2. The two-year WA study requirement has been completed.

Requirements for Schedule 1 Stream:

  1. Full-time employment agreement in WA for the designated (or closely related) activity for a minimum of six months (subclass 190) (No contract required for Subclass 491)

Requirements for Schedule 1 Stream:

  1. Experience working for at least a year in the nominated (or substantially comparable) employment in Australia or abroad (subclasses 190 and 491)
  2. Full-time employment agreement in WA for the designated (or closely related) activity for a minimum of six months (subclass 190) (No contract required for SC 491)

In conclusion, the 2023-24 Skilled Migration State Nomination Program in Western Australia presents significant updates for simplifying the application process for skilled migrants.

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