After the federal election held in May 2022, Australia’s treasurer Jim Chalmers delivered Labor’s first budget in a decade. The federal budget, unveiled on 25th October, brought to light the new Australian government’s priorities for the coming term, including changes in immigration.

The government led by PM Anthony Albanese has committed to improving Australia’s critical skill shortage by bolstering workforce planning. The Migration Program will have a planning level of 195,000 visa places to help tackle industry demands. 

Skilled Visa

This year, the number of skilled independent visas for Australia will increase substantially – from 79,600 to 142,400. The visas included in this change are in the employer sponsored, skilled independent, regional, as well as state and territory nominated categories.

Employer Sponsored: 35,000
Skilled Independent: 32,100
Regional: 34,000
State/Territory Nominated: 31,000

The following visa places in the skilled visas category, however, have decreased:

Business Innovation and Investment: 5,000

Global Talent: 5,000

Distinguished Talent: 300

Parent Visa

Not only has the government vowed to increase the number of skilled visas available as part of the federal budget, they have nearly doubled the number of parent visas. The estimated planning levels of partner and child visas have decreased, however there will be no limits placed on their number, and they will remain driven by demand. 

The number of parent migration visa for Australia has gone from 4,500 last year to 8,500 for financial year 2022-23.

In more Australian immigration news today, some of the migration program funding which was cut by the previous government led by Morrison has also been restored. 

To improve offshore processing centers and support refugees, the current government aims to bolster visa processing and allocate an additional $576 million to the Department of Home Affairs over a term of four years.

The change in immigration policy is estimated to bring in an additional $935 million in tax revenue over the next four years. Of this, $487 million will be spent on schools and language programs, according to reports.

At the federal budget, the Albanese government vowed to fast track visa processing times and announced an extra $36.1 million to hire up to 500 people for nine months to help reduce long wait times.

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